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THAI triangle cushions Export from Chiang Mai Thailand with interexportservices.com

Thai triangle cushions are an integral part of the Thai way of life and are used for an array of uses, from low seating at dinner tables, to part recliners, to full day beds, to decoration, you will undoubtedly see a Thai triangle cushion in any Thai household.

We are very proud of our triangle cushions and related products, but please read about Thai Triangle Cushions, some important notes, just for your complete satisfaction.

If you have never been to Thailand, then you will not know what the fuss is all about, for a little insight into the options and uses of the Thai Triangle Cushion please read How to use a Thai Triangle Cushion

Along with Thai triangle cushions we can supply other traditional Thai seating ideas, why not check out our Thai meditation cushions and seats, made out of the same materials and fabrics, and for other Thai seating and decorative ideas, why not look at some of our Thai silk cushion covers.

There are 4 main types of Thai Triangle Cushion, available in a variety of fabrics and triangle size, there are many color available for each fabric, please contact us for further info.:

-Triangle cushion (without any fold, use for leaning)

thai triangle cushion head piece

- Triangle cushion in 1 fold out (use for seat)

Thai triangle cushion one fold

- Triangle cushion in 2 folds out (use for seat)

thai triangle cushion 2 fold

- Triangle cushion in 3 folds out (use as day bed)

thai triangle cushion 3 fold



Fabric Choice and designs of Thai Triangle Cushion

P050 in thai design

P050 Thai design Thai Triangle cushion

P055 silk look standard

silk look standard thai triangle cushion

P056 cotton machine made

cotton machine made thai triangle cushion

P068 cotton linen

cotton linen thai triangle cushion

P069 silk look indo

silk look indo thai triangle cushion

P070 silk look siam

silk look siam thai triangle cushion


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